bbbbb.  For more than 100 years, the McKeever family has provided complete interior and exterior decorating services for customers throughout the region. At McKeever Decorating Co., we use only the highest quality materials in your residential or commercial space, and the finished product will reflect the quality, service and professionalism that our family has built its reputation on. The McKeever Decorating Philosophy is:

Advice on Picking Colors
Some people are reluctant to choose a paint color, or a combination of paint colors for their interior or exterior space. If you want to choose your own colors, try to match or complement colors that may already exist in the space or that complement adjoining rooms. Sources of color inspiration can include carpeting, furniture or pictures. Be sure to look at the room during different times of the day, as changes in lighting can affect the way colors look.

If you have a contemporary home, consider using dark colors, like navy blues, charcoal, dark plum, or even black. Use accents like gold, white, yellow, pale pink, coral or mint green.

Accent Colors
You can use accent colors in a variety of ways. For example, you can paint the ceiling with a pastel color, and paint the walls white or another very light color. Unless you plan to change the furniture and decorations in the room, consider choosing colors that you can find the room’s artwork, bedding or rugs.

Gray has again become popular, but currently, decorators aren’t pairing it with black or red as they may have done in the past. Use shades of gray with yellow, pink, aqua, lavender or even peach. The gray color acts as a backdrop for brighter colors, while limiting its masculine or industrial effect.

If you do not want a paint accent color for your space, choose room accessories and decorations that you can refresh periodically, and often at a lower cost than repainting the room.